Quilted Western Views

Drifting by walls too high to see the top in shadows hiding from the washout sun, I am humbled by the overpowering display of color and presence.
— Carol Rae Byington

Origin of Simple Quilts

In 1987, my mother Carol Byington began teaching landscape quilting classes in Southern Utah. To provide practical application of the techniques she was teaching, she created a series of small quilts representing western landscapes. 

What began as a practical hands-on teaching method has become a stand-alone series of beautiful Western landscapes.

Western Scenes

Starting from a handful of Southern Utah locations, our current patterns capture over 50 scenes from Northern Arizona to the Canadian Rockies, and more on the way.

We are in process of turning the patterns into custom fabric kits, beginning with the most popular patterns. Let us know if you have an idea, or special request.  

Custom Fabrics

Our favorite kits have been made possible by recent technilogical advances. In the last few years, we've been able to create specialty fabrics for each kit in limited quantities.  

If you would like to order larger quantities of a fabric from one of our kits, send us a quick email request, with a screen shot or description of the fabric.